Gavrus Firth, Third Seraph of Death, Doomguide of Kelemvor, Pathfinder 3.75 Cleric of Kelemvor, Lawful Neutral
Traveling Companion: Srynda: Warlock/Mindbender (fallen Celestial of Kelemvor)
Chaotic Neutral

I've never had so much fun making no friends in a game. I really laid into a fellow PC verbally yesterday, right at the end of the game. I introduced a Cleric of Kelemvor (Forgotten Realms: LN Undead Hunter) who was on the trail of vampires the party had been harried by continuously. I arrived late and the fighter and rogue got Tsochar (demons that body-jump) in them that demanded they find spellcaster hosts or they'd eat them from the inside. Long story short, although through the use of telepathy we tried to come up with a plan, the fighter and rogue gave in and we had to deal with the consequences. While I was praying for the proper spells to deal with demons, and the warlock and rogue were slaying one, the fighter went to a tavern directly after he gave it what he wanted and drunk himself silly after taking massive Con damage from the demon extricating itself, which nearly killed him. That colored my perception of him a little.

Back on the vampire trail, after conducting a divination and learning a little, we visited the local temple of Lathander so we could learn more and inquired of a region near Daggerdale called the Bloodlands. Turns out there's more than one; many, some quite powerful. I suggested the proactive approach: going in and wiping their taint from Faerun for good. Both the fighter, rogue, and the NPC priest of Lathander said it was a bad idea because there were so many of them. That priest of Lathander (who is now on my sh!t list too) said it was a bad idea because there were so many and that they hadnt stirred for centuries. I replied that evil is rarely content to leave well enough alone. I said as much to him and almost berated him for sitting on his hands and doing nothing while evil festered in the lands his god deemed him worthy enough to protect but I knew it would get me nowhere. Then there were the out-of-game hints (which I despise) saying if you've always wanted to play a PC vampire then now's the time. The fighter suggested I use my magic more creatively and search for specifically the vampire's lair. (Good point, actually). I cooly replied divinations are never certain and 1.) we have his location now, 2.) waiting another day to prepare the spell could cost innocent blood, and 3.) I refuse to turn a blind eye to the taint festering in these lands. Fighter denounces me as fool, I return with someone lacking in true faith need not lecture me on interpreting divine will.

Fayrock of Aglarond: "That vampire almost killed me."

Gavrus of Kelemvor: "He almost killed YOU," with a bored expression.

Ok, I didn't really expect them to go for the idea but I played up my char to the end, which once again, affected his outlook on the others as weak minded sheep waiting for the slaughter, especially after the fighter suggested we wait for the vampire to come to them, even after he'd killed a number of his friends and was supposedly seeking revenge. That got him an in-character sneer from across the table and I started addressing him in terse, one-word phrases for the rest of the session.

We went snooping around a Zhent outpost, trying to see if they were shipping slaves out and keeping the vampires fat and happy since there'd been no disapearances in Daggerdale as of late. After the rogue failed to get much of use out of a slaver, out Warlock decided she would try and charm him so we could ask more direct questions. The fighter decided he was going to hit the tavern because he was sure things were going to go bad, denounced us as fools and left the group. Long story short, we got the charm off, but still learned nothing.

So we got back to the tavern:

Fayrock of Aglarond: "I'm surprised you're still alive. That was suicide."

Gavrus of Kelemvor: "I'm not. What did you learn at the tavern about vampires?"

Fayrock: "I came here for a drink, not to find vampires."

Gavrus: "Exactly," followed by a hard, accusatory stare.

Fayrock took my point immediately.

Fayrock: "You're crazy. You wanted to jump in and get us all killed in the Bloodlands, you should have died in the market. You're lucky is all."

Gavrus: "Whom did you say you called patron again?"

Fayrock: "Lathander."

Gavrus: "We (myself and the warlock) do not require "luck." Faith is our guide and faith will see us through, not alcohol, something YOU would do well to learn."

Fayrock: "You know nothing. I had a demon inside of me eating me from within!"

Gavrus: "Exactly..." and I meant to follow up with a bit on fighting inner demons but the moment died and the DM decided to cut there.

...Not the friendliest sort, this char, but I can't deny I have a new favorite char at the moment...

But then, I'm a crazy undead-hunter and I intend on organizing a holy crusade at some point to wipe the Most Unclean from the hills of Daggerdale for good.

I love this character.
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I attack the darkness!

The website I work for just released this subtitler game, so I thought I'd share my geekness with the world. This is only one of the ones I've made... this thing is like crack.


X-posted to hell and back.

Ah the glory of computer randomness

I am working on a game for myself and my family to play this weekend. I am using the second edition core rules computer program to create an NPC.

This program is notorious for giving NPC's the stupidest attributes in the world.

For example.

the NPC cleric I just made...

one of her non weapon proficiencies was Reading/writing Dolphin.

That just really strikes a cord with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fanboy in me.

The Gamers!

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising by Dead Gentlemen Productions is being released!

Predicted to hit stores on August 14th!!!

Check out for more info, or go to!!!

Freaking awesome gamers movie!

I am so amazingly excited for this movie to come out. I have been waiting for 2 years! I have been checking the website weekly for 2 years!!!! My waiting has paid off and now I tell the world!!! yaayyyy!!!!


For the Love of Money...

Here's an entry from my halfling's journal:

Today we stopped outside instead of sleeping in the rain. I don't quite understand why the biggums complain so much about the little drips of water, though. It just means we don't have to try to convince the half-orc to wash in the morning!

And what is Bloc's problem, anyway? The great brute challenged a dwarf to a drinking contest, and the dwarf won! Bloc passed out downstairs. I braided all of his hair and painted his shoes purple.

Oh, I can hear him now! I better make myself scarce!

03=deal, 03

Strong is she with the force. . .

So, my younger sister recently started playing D&D (yay!), and her character is a gnome rogue. Her party (level one) was fighting goblins, and in one blow she dealt enough damage to one goblin to kill it instantly. Her DM was surprised, and remarked "Well, you're right about at crotch level and. . . that's a painful way to go."

She has taken her first step into a larger world.
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